Reiki (pronounced ray-key), is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation which promotes healing.  It is applied by the practitioner “laying on hands” or placing hands about 4 inches above the receiver’s body.  It is a simple yet powerful technique and has no side effects as an alternate method for healing the mind & body.

Defined, REI means universal knowledge or spiritual consciousness:  It is the energy source that understands each person. KI means life energy or universal life force:  It is a non-physical energy force that animates all living things.

Ancient cultures placed great importance on life energy.  Modern cultures have entered a belief upon alternative healing to modern medicine using REIKI and other methods of Ki healing.

PURA YOGA offers treatment to people curious about the healing benefits of Reiki and for those searching a relief to, what can be, stressful and toxic medical treatments.  Reiki is becoming very popular as standard offerings patients in prominent medical facilities in the USA, especially in Cancer Centers.

We invite you to book a healing session with PURA YOGA’s Reiki Master and experience the relaxation it provides.


Single treatment: $60

Package of 4 pre-paid Treatments:  $200

Package of 8 pre-paid Treatments:  $360

Weekly or bi-weekly treatments recommended for consistent benefits.


Call Irene Flores, Reiki Master


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